Faith In Action

Faith In Action by Perry Wilbur The faith of millions is being strongly tested today in this era of massive job cuts, layoffs, financial crunch and almost world-wide recession. The shield of faith is a must for this time period. It calls to mind the faith of Moses, Joseph, Abraham and other greats of the [...]

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Reverse Parenting

Reverse Parenting by Dorothy C. Snyder The exact day it happened is hard to pinpoint. I should have marked the calendar and made a note of it, but I was too upset at the time to even think about it. Phone calls can often bring good news, but they also can bring dis­turbing insights. This [...]

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Bridging The Generation Gap

Bridging The Generation Gap by Eva Juliuson I’ve noticed a trend in today’s church to separate age groups. Some churches provide praise bands and encourage more casual dress to reach the younger generation. Traditional churches sing out of hymnals. Some are set against changing comfortable rituals that cater to older folks. In many cases, the [...]

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