Tears in a Bottle

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Telling a room full of six-year-olds that their classmate had died was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. They wanted to know why, and I simply didn’t know.

Postcard Angel

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I could however, remember, with the help of my friend, the calm, reflective emotional state I would like to move into.

The Faith of a Plebe

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The Faith of a Plebe by Elise Seyfried Our long wait was over. After a separation that began June 30, on a mid-August weekend, we were finally reunited with our “plebe,” US Naval Academy Midshipman [...]

The Song that Unites the Nation

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The Song that Unites the Nation by Victor Parachin After toiling for eight and a half months in an immense pit, seven stories deep, where the World Trade Center twin towers once stood, a final [...]

The Greatest One-mile Race

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Running sub-four minute miles isn’t uncommon for today’s world-class track stars, but until May 6, 1954, experts were certain humans couldn’t run a mile in less than four minutes.

The Missing 300 Years

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Christians and Jewish people alike share ignorance in common about what happened in Palestine in the 300 years between Joel – chronologically the last of the biblical prophets – and the birth of Jesus. Is it safe to say not much worth noting happened during that time? Hardly.