Just Like Me

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Right or wrong, Nathan was watching me. Right or wrong, he was imitating my behavior. And it seemed that I was doing a whole lot more wrong than right.

Yard Sale Witness

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Yep, I am the queen of yard sales, shedding things as we move, tossing out the old getting ready for the new. I am also one who likes to share the love of God. And a really good day is when I can share the love of God at a yard sale, where people are looking for bargains, but find something that money cannot buy: God’s love.

The Difference One Life Can Make

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Raoul Wallenberg was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things, risking his own life to save others only to then die in a Russian prison just after the war ended. How did he do what he did?

Welcome to Old Age

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Welcome to old age, I tell myself. At least the title of “senior citizen” sounds much better than being called “old lady.”

Living With Less, Loving People More

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Carol decided to try an experiment. Several of her friends at work were giving up things for Lent and she decided to join them (even though her church didn’t practice Lent). To her husband’s surprise, she gave up shopping. Once a week she did grocery shopping for her family but she never bought anything for herself for 40 days.

Parking Lot Apology

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I was at once seething with anger, too. In my mind she caused the near accident. It took just a fraction of a second for me to rationalize that if she hadn’t rushed into the parking lot, if she had been paying attention, then she wouldn’t have nearly stepped right in front of my car.