The Proof

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by Diane Stark What’s wrong, Mom? You seem upset,” my 15-year-old daughter, Julia, asked. I shrugged. “I met my friend Susan for coffee this afternoon. We got into an argument about something, and it’s really [...]

Reflections: Revenge

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A reflection on the topic of revenge. Share your thoughts by commenting below the article at .

Getting Even- the Right Way

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Who hasn’t said, “I’ll get even” or at least felt the boiling hot urge to “even the score” with a sibling, spouse, co-worker or even a stranger who acted offensively.

Tear Open the Blinds!

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Some of us remember when it was common for folks to sit on their front porches after supper and watch the world go by. The theft of a porta-potty would hardly go unnoticed! But today, there aren’t many people sitting on their porches. […]

The Day God Saved J.C. Penney

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Man and boy standing in front of variety store Nothing in J. C. Penney’s early life indicated that his name would one day become a household word in homes across the United States. […]

We’re Back!

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It's been a crazy year (or more!) of ups-and-downs at The Lutheran Digest. While I won't bore you with the details, our internal tumult resulted in no fresh articles posted for quite some time. Our sincere apologies [...]