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Living and Loving

By Tammy Darling My heart spins, restless. Like a hamster on a wheel, I am spinning, turning, going…nowhere. I begin to wonder how long I’ve been living in the wilderness where thoughtless repetition replaces true living. A thread of dread courses through my veins. Questions pile up like the unfolded laundry on my bed. At [...]

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Christ, Conscience, and the Car

By Sally E. Stuart Are you a Christian driver?” My immediate response was, “Certainly, I've been a Christian since I was 13, and I've been driving for more years than I can count.” “No,” came the answer. “You didn't understand the question. It was not, 'Are you a Christian who drives?' but, 'Do you drive [...]

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The Day the Tigers Played Like Kittens

by Richard Bauman Most baseball fans have thought, "Heck, I could play better than that," after watching a millionaire Major Leaguer boot a simple groundball, strikeout with the bases loaded, or misplay a routine fly ball. Of course, we fans never get the chance to prove our baseball prowess. It’s probably a good thing, too, [...]

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