The Lutheran Digest…63 Years and Counting!

THE LUTHERAN DIGEST, established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1953, is a general interest publication and Lutheran pastor’s tool for outreach ministry.  Its blend of secular and light theological material provides believers reading entertainment and spiritual supplement and subtly persuades non-believers to embrace the Lutheran-Christian faith.  Its theme…summarized in one word…is “Hope.”

As the “Digest” title would suggest, approximately 70 percent of the text THE LUTHERAN DIGEST publishes is material previously printed in other religious and secular publications.  The balance is original material selected from unsolicited text received from freelance writers.

While the majority of LUTHERAN DIGEST copies are shipped in bulk, free of charge to participating Lutheran churches throughout the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Great Plain States, individual subscriptions are available for a fee to residents of the United States of America and Canada.